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Together, we protect marginalized children/youth and related groups and with them create innovative and exciting opportunities to build their futures.


Mith Samlanh is a local non Governmental organization, founded by Friends-International and member of the CYTI Alliance (Children, Youth, Together and Initiative), works with and for marginalized children/youth, their families and their communities to build their futures.

  • Protecting marginalized children and youth from all forms of abuse within the scope of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child;
  • Reintegrating marginalized children and youth so they become actively involved in the development of their society;
  • Preventing marginalized children and youth from engaging in risky behavior and/or dangerous situations that compromise their futures;
  • Improving the way organizations work by promoting innovative and effective approaches with the active participation of the children and youth;
  • Influencing all tiers of society to provide supportive environments and adopt positive behavior changes.

Since 1994, Mith Samlanh, in collaboration with Friends-International / CYTI Alliance, has been creating innovative and holistic programs, building networks, supporting youth-led projects and establishing solid protection and support services within organizations, communities and within all tiers of society whilst aiming at becoming sustainable.

Core Values

  • Child value and best interest
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Positive approach

Our Current Programs:

1. Outreach street community Project: Responsible for helping children directly on the streets /community and supporting them and their family in order to create innovative and exciting opportunities to build their futures. (outreach, drop in centers, drug abuse, mobile youth center, child safe, HIV/AIDs, child right ...)

2. Transitional Home Project: Providing a safe home environment for children who require accommodation during their study.

3. Education Project:

  • Providing remedial education towards (re)integrating children into the public school system;
  • Providing vocational skills towards job creation or job placement with good incomes for them;
  • Providing children in the centers and in the street with cultural and entertainment activities ...

4. Reintegration Project: Contacting with families and supporting the return of children, when appropriate, assisting them in (re) integrating into public school system, sourcing employment, sourcing employment and developing their independent life;

5. Kampong Cham Project :

  • To build the government's capacity to run a centre for vulnerable youth in Kampong Cham in collaboration with locally hired and trained volunteers.
  • To provide a safe space for youth in Kampong Cham, providing entertainment, sports, literacy, numeracy and life skills to keep them from idleness and risky behaviors such as crime, drug-use, prostitution and unsafe migration.

6. Friends Social Business: Develop social business initiatives to ensure Mith Samlanh's financial sustainability and reduce donor-dependency.

Target group:

The target group includes marginalized children and youth of both genders regardless of ethnic, religious, political or social backgrounds.

1. Primary: marginalized children and youth (0-24 years), including:

  • Marginalized living children / youth
  • Marginalized working children / youth
  • Children and youth of marginalized families

2. Secondary:

  • Their families and their communities
  • Related youth groups

3. Tertiary: Society as a whole


  • Children: 0-18
  • Adolescents: 10-19 (early adolescence: 10-14; late adolescence: 15-19)
  • Youths: 15-24
  • Young people: 10-24

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