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The ChildSafe Network involves key members of society in actively protecting children and youth from all forms of abuse, by training them to recognize and respond to dangerous situations. Mith Samlanh implements the ChildSafe Network in Phnom Penh and trains strategic community people such as tuk-tuk drivers, moto-taxis, internet caf├ęs, hotels and guest houses as well as family members, chiefs of villages, police, etc.

In addition, the organization supports the international Child Safe campaign, that encourages businesses, communities and travelers to look at how their behaviour can impact children and to help to create supportive environments where children are protected. People and organizations currently involved in the ChildSafe Network include Airports, Banks, Tour guides, Travel agencies, and travelers.

Child Representative Election term 16
The new Child Representatives election term 16 took place on 30 of December, 2009 Candidate for Child Election Representative 12 persons, the candidates that win this election:

1. Chon Sokha study at beauty class
2. Mok Sokchea studying Motor class
3. Bun Ra Sewing Class
4. Kev Chodeng Coking class
5. Phon Sreychhing Grade 3 of none formal education
6. Chom Raksar Baber Class
352 children participated in this child representative election.

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