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Mith Samlanh aims to be financially self-sustainable by running its vocational training programs as real businesses. This gives the students the opportunity to gain hands on practical skills and also helps Mith Samlanh to fund its own activities. Proceeds from these businesses are reinvested back into Mith Samlanh's training programs, allowing more students and families to take part in these programs and improve their futures.

Mith Samlanh is now achieving a 56%* rate of self-sustainability. (*calculated by taking the business sales figure as a percentage of total expenses).

Mith Samlanh strives to keep it's administrative costs to a minimum, while not compromising it's effect. Currently, administrative costs are 2% of total expenses. Annually, Mith Samlanh has an annual financial audit conducted by internationally recognised and independent auditors, which can be found here, as well as a more in-depth Annual Financial Report.

  • Mith Samlanh Financial Report (2016) Download
  • Mith Samlanh Annual Financial Report (2014) Download
  • Mith Samlanh Report of the Independent Auditors (2014)Download

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