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The Mith Samlanh Drug program is one of the only holistic programs for drug using youth in the world. It provides drug using street children and youth high quality services to help them to recover from addictions and return to normal life. Mith Samlanh's Drug project was the first established in Cambodia to respond to the growing need for drug programs for street youth.


This program aims at responding to the new trend in substance use among street children and youth:

Prevention: through street-based and community-based education, situation monitoring and collaboration in policy design.

Harm Reduction: Intravenous Drug Users (IDUs) were provided with positive harm reduction awareness sessions and enhanced harm reduction services. Services entail understanding how to reduce harm through intravenous drug use.

Detoxification: Young addicts amongst street children/youth are assisted for symptomatic detoxification through a formal treatment center;

Rehabilitation: A specific social rehabilitation program is leading to social reintegration into their families, the public school system and through the provision of vocational training, job placement and relapse prevention services provided.

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